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These images are available for you to print and use in the classroom. Please don't redistribute them online or for profit.

MEET YOUR MATCH: An icebreaker game with practical applications in the science classroom. Thematically appropriate for Valentine's Day.

TRICKY TRACKING BOOKLET: For use with the Hero Arts Animal Prints stamp set. Print double-sided, cut in half, then fold and staple together to make animal tracks guidebooks.

August 9, 2012

Welcome to the new!  In the interest of accessibility and ease of navigation, the site now has a new layout.  Please feel free to leave feedback about it!

In the near future, I will be updating my portfolio.  This means that some images currently in the art directory may disappear.  If you would like to save any to your computer for your personal enjoyment, you should visit what's left of The Archive page while it still exists.

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David Feuer said...

Why will some disappear? Couldn't you retain an archive page while also adding whatever alternative view you want of your art?

Posted August 11, 2012 09:31 AM | Reply to this comment

Cyaneus replied to David Feuer...

Mostly to save space and reduce clutter (the folder is an unholy mess!), but also because some of what is in there is embarrassingly old--early-high-school old. I'll give some thought to retaining an archive page, or putting my discarded art into a "scraps" gallery offsite.

Posted August 11, 2012 10:31 PM | Reply to this comment

David Feuer replied to Cyaneus...

Professionals still perform things Mozart wrote in his "early-high-school" period (although I don't particularly care for his work in general). The fact that you were young when you made it, and your later development led you in other directions, does not mean the earlier works should be discarded.

Posted August 14, 2012 11:26 PM | Reply to this comment

Cyaneus said...

I dare not compare myself to Mozart! But I rarely ever delete anything, so even if it does not show up in Scraps, it won't be lost forever.

Posted August 14, 2012 11:59 PM | Reply to this comment

Sir David said...

Ms. Tillery, I am interested in commissioning you to create an original work of art in my home. I look forward to discussing this further. D

Posted May 7, 2015 05:07 PM | Reply to this comment

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