A Story by M. Tillery and Tevis Tsai.

Unfortunately, a man's plane crash-lands on a desert island, and he is the sole survivor.

Fortunately, the island is populated with edible plants.

Unfortunately, he is allergic to them.

Fortunately, he finds a population of fat, flightless birds that make easy prey.

Unfortunately, these are the young of the giant moa, and the parents are enraged.

Fortunately, he fashions a wooden spear and kills the parents.

Unfortunately, their ghosts vow to haunt him until the end of his days.

Fortunately, yet undiscovered metaphysical laws prevent the giant moa spirits from affecting the world of the living.

Unfortunately, the sudden onset of a torrential downpour prevents our hero from cooking the moa.

Fortunately, he builds a shelter and remains safely inside it until the next morning, when the storm dissipates.

Unfortunately, the moa meat is entirely ruined.

Fortunately, he uses the remains of the moa to catch fish.

Unfortunately, this attracts the attention of Haast's eagle, which descends upon our hero.

Fortunately, he evades it by diving into the water, and the eagle clumsily splashes in after him.

Unfortunately, he then becomes caught in a rip current, which pulls him very far from shore.

Fortunately, by the time he swims back to shore, the eagle has drowned.

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