is the online portfolio of M. Tillery, a Baltimorean artist, park ranger, and nature educator. I graduated from Goucher in 2009 after studying studio art and theatre performance.

In addition to visual art and acting, I also enjoy music, and play a small handful of uncommon instruments. I've ventured into the Baltimore theatre scene as well, and enjoyed my time with a few small companies.

Currently, I work for Baltimore County as a park ranger and naturalist. In the past, I have been a volunteer with the Smithsonian National Zoo's free-ranging golden lion tamarin program, Australia Zoo's Wildlife Hospital, and Second Chance Wildlife Center in Maryland. I enjoy bird watching and identification. Do not ask me a question about parrots unless you have a lot of time on your hands. I am owned by two cockatiels, Enyo and Lor, and an African grey named Ripley.

I am a veteran player of Humans vs Zombies, and my favorite games include Rock Band, Scrabble, The Endless Forest, and Dungeons and Dragons. Some of my favorite things are plastic dinosaurs, fiber optics, and the Oxford comma.

My email address is . If you would like to send me an email, please include "" in the subject line.